Ondeh-ondeh * Nyonya Kuih

Ondeh-ondeh is one of the colorful and delicious nyonya kuihs (for more nyonya kuih surprises, click here). They are in pandan flavoured green glutinous rice balls sprinkled with grated coconut that is seasoned with fine salt on the outside and gula melaka inside as a fill. On the other hand, ondeh-ondeh is also known as Buah Melaka.

This is an easy-to-prepare dessert, it can play a role as a mouth-watering appetizer too. To me, I personally think that they look quite similar to the Tang Yuans except that they are “hairy” =]. Anyone could try them out at home as long as you have glutinous rice flour, gula melaka and grated coconut


Gula (means ‘sugar’ in Bahasa Melayu) melaka, sometimes called ‘palm sugar’, is the most popular gastronomic delights of Peranakan or nyonya. Gula melaka can be found light golden colour to a rich dark brown. It is used in some savory dishes but mainly in the local desserts and cakes of the Southeast Asian region.

Ondeh-Ondeh Recipe

(16-20 balls)


240g of glutinous rice flour
120ml of water
2 tablespoons of pandan leaves juice
2 tablespoons of castor sugar
coconut milk (suitable amount)
1 tablespoon of oil


1 piece of gula melaka (cut into small pieces)


some grated coconut (suitable amount)
1/2 teaspoon of salt


1) Pour the hot water into the glutinous rice and mix.
2) Add in the other ingredients for its skin until it forms a dough.
3) Form small balls into size and fill them with a little piece of gula melaka and seal them up.
4) Boil some water in a pot.
5) Put the sealed balls into the boiling water.
6) When the balls float on the water, take them out and sprinkled the grated coconut on them.
7) The ondeh-ondehs are ready to be served.

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