El Cerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Speaking of El Cerdo, I am sure that no KL resident will ask, ” What on earth is that?” This restaurant was first established in 2005, due to its endless stream of customers, the owner, Werner, had expanded his business by to the lot next to the original one. Now, upon visiting El Cerdo, you may find a modern-looking Italian restaurant opposite it. That restaurant is named after the owner and was known as PIZA.

This trip to KL, I had made early arrangement with my friend to pay a visit to El Cerdo. Despite the tiredness we had from all those shopping, we set our feet in El Cerdo. The ambience was a bit quiet when we arrived and the waitress served us with cool mineral water once we got ourselves seated. And, I found something special about this restaurant at that moment. The waiters were busy carrying bottles of mineral water from table to table just to refill the customers’ half-emptied glass and I concluded that their service was really great. I rated them as 8/10!! (For such a fussy person like me, the rate was way too high~~~)

At first, we ladies could not decide what to order. Just then, Werner, came and greeted us warmly. He gave us some recommendations of the specialties of his restaurant and suggested some refreshing drinks for us too. Obediently, we ordered whatever that he recommended except for a few that we thought it would be too much for our dinner.

Love At First Try
Refreshing and thirst quenching~~

Mushroom Soup
This was really nice. My friends’ kids were totally obsessed with it. Really creamy and nice prepared! As for the garlic bread served, I personally thought that it was so so only. Soft yet not not crispy and not to mention hot from the oven!

Cold Ham with Rock Mellon & Salad
Absolutely something unique! The pork ham was cool and really thin! A bit salty when tasted but could be eaten together with the rock mellons served together too.

Meatball Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce
This was ordered to shut the kids’ mouths. They never dare to try those piglet and ribs.

El Cerdo’s Farmer Sausage served with Sauerkraut & Mashed Potato

One Plate of 4 Different Mini Sausages
Farmer, Thuringer, German Pepper, Spicy Lyonner Sausage with a choice of Sauerkraut or Potato Salad

1 Pair Wiener Sausages with Potato Salad from Germany

Roasted Suckling Piglet
Also known as “Cochinillo Al Estilo Segoviano”. It was believed that the piglet on the table was only mere 3 weeks old. Honestly, I felt quite guilty after my meal. However, on the other hand, I had to admit that it was really nice. Be prepared too, this half portion of piglet was shorter than half my arm and it cost us about RM100++, the whole piglet was RM200++. El Cerdo had a special way of eating. To prove that the piglet was crunchy and crispy, when the dish was served, one of the waiters would come over and picked a lucky person from the table to “perform the plate-breaking show”.

First, to prove that the piglet is crunchy and crispy, you will need to use a plate to chop the piglet at the head, the center of the body and somewhere at the ‘butt’ of the piglet, each part 3 times with all your might! Then, the waiter will push a big wooden tub towards the table, make a wish and then smash the plate into the wooden tub. This is a Greek tradition which symbolises good luck.

Pork Ribs
To tell you frankly, the pork ribs were better than the roasted piglet. The tomato at the side was totally nutritious yet delicious!

Ice Cream
Vanilla, Pistachio, Chocolate, Rum & Raisin, White Chocolate, Hazelnut

Churros Con Chocolate
Ermm…..regarding this plate, I really don’t have much to say. I am not a chocoholic, so I just ate a piece of that and I found that it was something similar to Aunty Anne’s. However, my friends enjoyed them very much.

At the end of the meal, we got a surprise. Glasses of cute little drinks were served for easier digestion after such yummy meal. For the kids, they got a tiny glass of orange juice (or mango, i am not very sure, but it sure tasted great). We, adults got glasses of vodka with lime with a salt-laced rim.

Be sure to be there early as the restaurant will appear to be crowded around 7.30pm. Kind advice for you, the food there is delicious, with a capital letter D without doubts! But they are quite pricey. 5 adults and 3 kids, our total bil came out to be RM478, a bit scary, right?! Indeed an interesting pork`licious experience!!

El Cerdo, Nose To Tail Eating

43 & 45, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 03- 2145 0511
Fax: 03- 2145 1375

Web: www.elcerdokl.com

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