Ferringhi Garden Restaurant @ Batu Ferringhi

A lazy Saturday afternoon, having nothing to do at home, I decided to plan a trip out with my “girlfriends”. Haha…we always call ourselves “The Malaysian Version Sex & The City”! Just as we were planning our hangout location, my friend suggested Ferringhi Garden which was not far from her house. She said that they serve great food with great ambience, so we decided to give it a try. I knew the main reason that she recommended this place was it was easier for her to get home after dinner. That was her main point~~~~

This was my first time to Ferringhi Garden, to my surprise, this place turned out to be much more better than I had expected. Words are kinda hard to explain all the joyness that we had from this picturesque restaurant. So, let the pictures tell you everything.

Filled with lots of tropical plants. Sink yourself into Malaysia’s tropical rainforest now! It’s time to please your eyes~~~

I could not hold back my lust for food for any longer. After I placed my order, I went around shooting photos with my camera. When I got back, the dishes were already served.

Mango juice & Mocha Frappe

The drinks were ordinary. But do you find anything abnormal about this photo? Take a closer look to the glasses. They were SLANT! Unique, right?!

Baked Garoupa

Spicy Snapper

Seafood Pasta WG

Baked Crab M’nay

Garlic bread

The night was getting darker….the atmosphere at night became more and more comfortable. Unquestionable, Ferringhi Garden Restaurant really offers a memorable dining experience.

Ferringhi Garden Restaurant

34C, Batu Ferringhi,
11100 Penang.

04-811 1193

04-811 1195


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