What equipment do you need to bake a cake?

Baking a cake is an art. It requires precision and the right skill to have the right taste incorporated in cake. However, there are some common baking tools that one need to bake cakes, pies, cookies and much more.

It is imperative to invest in high quality products in order to bake a tasty cake. Even if it would cost a little more, the end result is worth it. Nevertheless, here are the essentials that every baker needs:

Measuring cups and spoons

In order to measure dry and wet ingredients, it is necessary to have measuring cups and spoons. Also purchase glass measuring cups to calculate the amount of liquids. Baking measurements must be accurate to have the perfect taste. These products are relatively inexpensive.

Mixing bowls

A mixing bowl is needed to mix all the ingredients properly. Several mixing bowls are used at once while baking a cake. More than one bowl is needed since the ingredients are mixed in one bowl and dried in another. It would also help to mix other toppings.

Wire whisk

A wire whisk is absolutely needed to efficiently stir the sauces. This a mandatory equipment to mix dry and wet ingredients thoroughly.

Baking pan set

It is not possible to bake without bakeware. Baking pans like pie plates, cake pans, baking sheets and loaf pans are necessary for baking.

Rubber spatula

In order to remove cake batter from the bowl, you need to have a spoon-shaped rubber spatula. It even scrapes the edges to take out every last bit of it. It comes in different sizes so you can choose according to the preferences.

Cooling racks

It is important to have a large cooling rack to hold 2 cake layers and 2 smaller racks. Cooling racks that are stackable are also available in the market which can be folded down to store it easily.


Every kitchen is in a need of good set of knives. A serrated knife is something that is required in the entire baking process. It can be used to cut the cake horizontally. Getting a good quality knife would assist you in a number of processes.


It is pretty much difficult to bake something if you do not know for how long it has been cooking. If your oven doesn’t have a timer than purchase it separately. Many chefs and bakers have external timer in order to make the whole process more accurate and precise. Baking it for the right time makes will get the best possible taste.

Oven mitts

Oven mitts are necessary to ensure that your hands are completely safe in this entire process. One can even purchase a pot holder but many people tend to burn their hands with this product. Over mitts are great to handle high-temperature dishes. It is even ideal for children who are learning to bake since it can completely protect the hands.