How to cook the best steak in the world?

If you aiming to cook a tender and juicy steak, do not be fooled to spend a great deal of fortune. There is no need to get all expensive ingredients and equipment to get the right taste. Just following some of the industry secrets can get out the perfect flavor.

Chefs and experts know about meat inside out. Even though cooking the right steak may not seem easy for the first time, it tends to get simpler with practice. Nevertheless, here are five expert tips to cook the perfect steak every time:

The right cut

Thicker meat is better when it comes to cooking red meat. The perfect steak is toasted outside and rare in the center, which is a lot easier to do with thicket steaks. Experts have suggested that when cooking a steak at home, buy a thicker one and split it up. It is even difficult to go wrong with a thicker steak. Nevertheless, buy the best meat you find in the shop but make sure it is thick.

The right meat

These days we have a range of price when buying domestic beef. Consumers often come across only three grades of meat but there are actually eleven of them. If money is not an issue, then it is advisable to go for ‘Prime’ beef. Go for the beef that is ideally dry aged and naturally raised. 10% of the meat weight is evaporated by dry aging leaving more concentrated rich meat flavor behind.

High heat

Steak can be cooked in different styles, from charcoal grills to gas and oven broilers to frying pans. Irrespective of the method you choose, it is important to go really hot. Some commercial broilers can go up to 800 degrees which is not possible at home. The best home-tip is to use old-fashioned iron pans which retain heat better than the newer materials. Fairly high temperatures can be attained through outdoor grills as well.


Using less salt is the worst thing that can be done with a steak. Many experts have suggested to over-season the steak. Coat the outside aggressively with seasoning of choice from pepper to basic salt. This helps to create a toasted crust. A good quality red meat will able to stand a lot of seasoning and get a taste that everyone wants. Furthermore, if you already have thick meat, then it is imperative to season the meat more in order for the seasoning to reach every bit of the meat.

Let it rest

Many home cooks are unaware of the fact that letting the steak rest for 10 minutes between cooking and serving improves its flavor and taste several notches higher. Resting the steak for over 10 minutes cools the exterior and draws the juices more evenly through the steak. Most cooks are worried about the plate going cold and tends to serve it immediately which is wrong when it comes to steaks. Serving it ten minutes later would give it the perfect taste.