Comeback Update: Passion fruit Cake and Lemon Tart

Hey everyone, I’m back. So sorry that I have been neglecting this blog for such a long time. Really didn’t get to try out good food in Melbourne, that’s why no reviews to write. So sad TT

Now, I will TRY to update every week because my hostel is giving us FORMAL HALL DINNER every Wednesday, which is the only day with super duper good food LOL

In the meantime, I am sharing some of my favourite desserts which are being served in my hostel during dinner, occasionally.

Passion fruit cake 😀

I always chose passion fruit over blueberry and strawberry, that’s why I only have this photo. OOPS :/

Lemon tart

Sometimes me and my friends would pack this for next day’s breakfast. Feel so blissful eating this early in the morning especially taken right from the fridge~awww…

Such guilty indulgence for me!

I am on a diet right now TT Planning to slim down by 1 inch on my waist and all these desserts and meals are always seducing me, OMG! Slimming down is such a challenging task for me :S

**By the way, I started another blog to for me to blog about my personal life and it acts as a place for me to put all my thoughts and rants. Because this is purely a foodie blog, I think it’s better to not have things jumbled up, right?

My personal blog is called Intuition-MagicDrag. This is the screenshot of it. And the link to it is here ^^ Feel free to visit 😀 and don’t forget to drop me a comment as well IF you feel like it.

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I PROMISE TO UPDATE MORE FREQUENTLY HERE from now onwards okay?? PLEASE keep checking 🙂 I thank every single of you for never stop visiting even though I had been abandoning the blog for such a bloody long time.

Love you all so much xoxo THANK YOU!

Pineapple upside down!

Hey guys, I haven’t been blogging for a long time already. There’s something that I wanna update you: I am currently living in Melbourne on my own. Yes….a thousand miles away from home, all on my own, just for the sake of studying. I’m now studying at Trinity College, drop by and say hi if you happen to see me walking around in the sun, trying my best to walk under the shades and carrying a bunch of books, or even struggling to deal with my stupid umbrella which is hard to open in the wind (plus, I suck at keeping my umbrella under control when the wind’s strong)….so if you happen to bump into someone with those “characteristics”., most likely it would be me

Alright, end of my nonsense! I wanna clarify something: staying in a students’ hostel, we don’t have good food to eat. Of cos it’s impossible to find char koay teow, hokkien mee and my favorite wan ton mee and roti canai here. Maybe these dishes can be found in the city but apparently the prices are enough to make your jaw drop till your knees :p

Right now my mom’s having her vacation in Melbourne and also for visiting me and bringing me my daily supplies from Malaysia. I’m not going to return to my hostel today, instead I’m staying at her friends’ house at Port Melbourne AND I am now blogging at the dining table because I am eating this so so so so delicious home made pineapple upside down cake! That’s why I MUST blog instantly! 🙂

Funny name for the cake! Bear in mind, it’s NOT me who made this, this is made by the super talented aunty 😀 wonderful dessert after a tempting meal! Nice thursday night! ><