Comeback Update: Passion fruit Cake and Lemon Tart

Hey everyone, I’m back. So sorry that I have been neglecting this blog for such a long time. Really didn’t get to try out good food in Melbourne, that’s why no reviews to write. So sad TT

Now, I will TRY to update every week because my hostel is giving us FORMAL HALL DINNER every Wednesday, which is the only day with super duper good food LOL

In the meantime, I am sharing some of my favourite desserts which are being served in my hostel during dinner, occasionally.

Passion fruit cake 😀

I always chose passion fruit over blueberry and strawberry, that’s why I only have this photo. OOPS :/

Lemon tart

Sometimes me and my friends would pack this for next day’s breakfast. Feel so blissful eating this early in the morning especially taken right from the fridge~awww…

Such guilty indulgence for me!

I am on a diet right now TT Planning to slim down by 1 inch on my waist and all these desserts and meals are always seducing me, OMG! Slimming down is such a challenging task for me :S

**By the way, I started another blog to for me to blog about my personal life and it acts as a place for me to put all my thoughts and rants. Because this is purely a foodie blog, I think it’s better to not have things jumbled up, right?

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I PROMISE TO UPDATE MORE FREQUENTLY HERE from now onwards okay?? PLEASE keep checking 🙂 I thank every single of you for never stop visiting even though I had been abandoning the blog for such a bloody long time.

Love you all so much xoxo THANK YOU!

Sticky Candy @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

I found a couple of interesting photos from my camera this afternoon. And I remembered these were snapped when I was wandering around Pavilion before going to Jogoya in Starhill (that’s my previous post). Apparently, there’s extremely nothing to do in Starhill, because there’s nothing affordable at all. As I recalled, 2 years ago when I first went to Starhill, I bought a new eraser from Faber Castell, RM2! And insanely, I went around showing off to my friends, “Yo! I bought something from Starhill”. As I had expected, they were like, “OMG! Cool, Starhill, that’s a place where people can’t buy anything and you got something!” When they knew the truth, I got booed!

Anyway, back to the topic XD This was a really cute shop that caught my attention. At least a new concept in Malaysia. I saw this kind of stuffs on the TV, but I never knew that there’s one in KL! And the name of the shop itself was adorable~

I just love this piece of advertisement! So cute and sweet…..What are you guys thinking?! Have any idea what shop is this?! Going in now~~~

See them rolling a long weird-looking thingy?! I was astonished when I saw that long thing~ But after I took a closer look, I really wanted to tell the staffs that I wanna join them 😉

That’s actually a candy! They gotta keep on rolling it until it becomes real thin at the end and they will cut it off. I missed out the beginning part so I didn’t know how they started this thing. I supposed the whole main work is to keep on rolling rolling and rolling and it eventually would turn thinner thinner.

These were the end products of the rolling effort!!! Amazing isn’t it?! Somehow, I suddenly thought of a famous chinese saying by Lee Bai 李白(a famous China poet in the past): 只要功夫深,铁杆磨成针. Suits this situation, right?! 😉

P/s: Lee Bai used to be a kid who didn’t love to study and everyday he spent his time playing around. One day, he came across an old lady who’s grinding a huge metal. He went up and asked what’s she doing. “I am grinding this metal to make it into a needle”. Lee Bai was shocked when he heard that and he asked that old lady how long would it take to grind that into a thin needle. That lady answered him with that idiom above. Which actually meant, as long as you have the determination in doing something, one day you may succeed as long as you keep on going. Hearing this, Lee Bai went home and started to study hard, eventually he turned out to be a famous poet in Dynasty Tang.

And after the thin and long candy had been cut, they will turn into something like this 🙂

Wow!!! A collection of different flavours of candies. I want all!!

Take a closer peek! They are really cute aren’t they?! See the paterns or designs in the middle of the candy, I salute to the staffs’ skills. Good gift for friend’s birthday or as a souvenir for your loved ones!

Sticky Candy 

Lot 1.09.00 Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

03 2144 2788

03 2144 7288